When I say, ‘Capitalism sucks’, some people say, ‘Are you a socialist?’, and when I say, ‘I’m a feminist’, some people say, ‘Do you hate men?’. Every time I’m said such things, I feel the defeat of education from the bottom of my heart. I can’t clearly figure what let education be lost, but for example, I might roughly describe them as those who belong to the class where they get the wealth and power by the existing social systems.

Education has the power that lead to the revolution. But it’s complicated, we can’t make it easily and shortly and it doesn’t have the clear goal. Those people seem not to want to let their wealth go at all and for that want to maintain the existing rotten systems that secure their power, they cover up the structures of exploitation bit by bit and don’t give children right education not to let citizens have the choice of revolutions. The descriptions about the comport women who were used as wartime sex slaves on the history textbooks are reduced and the wars of aggression by Japan are transfigured as ‘History of Asian liberation’ on some of them, and on the news programs the comedians comment on the social situations and politics, not the scientists and the experts, and the YouTuber having more than 2 million subscribers triumphantly said, ‘I don’t pay taxes to give the money to people on welfare. Though art including music have the side as education, musicians on this country are mostly asked not to give their opinions about the societies and politics to join in the mainstream of Japanese music market, and even though we’re made sing ‘Love Me Tender’ of Elvis Presley in music class, the music textbook didn’t tell us what history had made Rock 'n' Roll born and what connection with the racial discrimination there’re. I think that all of them are useful for shifting the pain, distress and discontentment to citizens as the individual responsibilities, letting them turn their eyes away from the place the power is and be difficult to watch the figure of the people and structures exploiting themselves. And when a citizen come to have the power and stand in the class screwing out of others, or a person has the privilege as majority on a society, they are also useful for letting the one not become conscious of that.

It’s been already more than half a century since the philosopher Jacques Derrida developed the idea of ‘Déconstruction’. It’s the dynamic act that ‘our own philosophical work is constantly destroying old structures and creating new ones’ ( Wikipedia ). It indicates to the way itself of suspecting the binary opposition that had been assumed in Western philosophy up to that time, such as the elimination of what is not true in order to discover truth, and turning one's gaze to the very foundation of that opposition and attempting to break up it. This way seems very useful for discussing the social situations and the problems of the social structures which drag us into the pits and make us not be able to move, but we’re not given the way during the above mentioned education’s processes. Children are unilaterally given the things that it’s said right, taught the way assimilating the right thought, not the one thinking things over by themselves, and sometimes they deny, ignore and convict the existence of the people running off and missed from that. Societies are the extensions of schools, they’ve taken no account of the discussion on what a basis of a binary opposition which let a problem stagnated is, and they also think of what majorities judge views which are opposed each other about a problem as right or wrong, good or evil, and superiority or inferiority as the democracy.

In the movie ‘Fight Club’, Tyler Durden said, ‘You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your f***ing khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world’ and ‘We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off’. And he also said, ‘Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self-destruction’, he dismissed the one who work out not to fight and threw himself into exchanging blows with others, and then, he tried to destroy the capitalist society including himself as the by-product of it, having the recognition that ‘we're the by-products of a lifestyle obsession’.It’s the act that can be described as Déconstruction by the radical minimalist and activist.

There’s the similar thing in my heart to the urge leading him committing terrorist acts in this work. At the same time, there’s the prayer that all human beings could live together as theirselves. I’ve made music with my torn ego, and it's my fight. So this is the song of fighting.

Who the hell makes you have your hands full with your daily life and robs you of your vigor? The jerks whose face you can’t figure out have robbed you of what should have made you a human being, and are you truly satisfied with the ‘sensible life’ which is made by robbing the others whose faces we can’t figure out of the dignity and time as human beings. Huh? There’s nothing you can do? It’s just silly thing said by the one of the life form who will die someday as you. At the same time, it’s also the silly saying that you’re a special and worthy human being. All human beings are the existence that just exist equally, expecting the result of the death, and we do or do not. Don’t get into your head and stay the same place. In short, it means going rotten. If you stay, go to hell. And then, be born again. You, and me both.

――I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let… lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may (Tyler Durden)







I cried a little in the bath when Donald Trump won the US presidential election four years ago. The social persona of Donald Trump really understood the behavior to show his stuff completely in this society where the ideals of the capitalism and the individualism are unnerved and they has been bogged down, and he has succeeded in letting a lot of people be under the impression that it’s the strength and the identity of strong person to take both discriminatory and anti-foreign attitudes by repeating them. It was a great sadness for me that there’re many people who couldn’t help supporting such the sham strength.

This world i.e. we are divided deeper and deeper because a variety of human beings have used the ways like ones that Donald Trump has done many a time not only during his administration but in his life. We are all different in the point of what we feel and think, and we’re never enable to understand each other. And then, we have the only way to oppose this division getting deeper. It is to engage in dialogue anyway. We should upgrade our thought intermittently by talking each other to make this society by ourselves. In order to do that, we have to imagine others’ sadness, anger and pain existing certainly now, knowing the fact that we can’t understand completely each other.

That working of engaging in dialogue often impose a big burden on those who do it. There’re cases when it would get complicated depending on the sensitivity or background of them because there’re not certain answers and it would be done by those who have each sense of value and world view. And then they would have to make it back to where they could talk each other rightly each time. It means to present a temporary conclusion as a point of compromise because of nothing like a right answer, not mocking and despising each other and expressing the feelings and logic of themselves reasonably during it. Not few people would feel the process of doing it, which would require much energy, frustrating.

I also feel it very fatigued when working on that sincerely. And, I’ve felt that the immaturity of myself that I can’t stand my spirit getting worn down has lead the consequences that brandishing academic knowledge as the absolute justice often demoralize others’ will for our dialogue. For such me, making music is the timeless way of engaging in it by my spirit, not losing sight of the essence. And the reason why I think so is that the fundamental element of both engaging in dialogue and making music have a common one for me.

To put it briefly, it’s ‘prayer’. It’s not too much to say that there’re nothing but it. During our life, we might have painful experiences that we wouldn't be able to forget. Though in this world we are losing the subjects to which we should pray because something like the religion, race, gender and blood relation doesn’t decide our identity at all in the present times, I’m now finding hope in ‘prayer’ itself.

I do not pray for the help or the end of this planet. I know we can’t understand each other. I just know many a time it but I pray for living with any human beings and also any life on this planet. There’re never the subject accepting it as gods and someone. There’re just a prayer.

There’re human beings receiving discriminatory by social structures, those not having liberty that they should have, the world where intelligence doesn’t exist as kindness, abused children, people who can’t be allowed to cry for their hurts themselves. Each time I realize it, I’m born again. That is, each time I realize the hurts in this world, engage in dialogues to embrace them and sure the prayer existing here, I’m born again. And then, the world is born again as well. I don’t know whether the sound at that moment will ring in your life. But if you find and grab something in this music, you will listen to the sound ringing when you’re born again by yourself. It’s the precious moment that we’ll start talking each other in the field of music. The possibility of our future arising there is one of the ways opposing to our division. I live, believing it.





I can’t affirm that I’ll never ever kill someone as I can’t do that I’ll never ever commit suicide on a train.

I might love someone from the bottom of my heart, and my love might be the same gender as myself. I might have and bring up a child, but I might roar at my baby and slap his/her face. I might get sick, and then I might sing. I might not compose, but still I might live happily. I might be a victim of a crime, but I might be an assailant of a crime. All mankind might perish by WWⅢ, but even then Rock’n’Roll might not die in that fire.

I think that we cannot affirm anything when we are living.

All of ‘might’ mean possibilities of consequences that every emotion on this planet can bring. Regardless of having or not having marks (like positive/negative or name) of emotions, there’re possibilities that we will have any emotions and experience the consequences depending on them. Whatever they are, anyone can’t deny all possibilities.

For example, have you ever wanted someone to die? I’ve wanted and I think that such an emotion isn’t particularly unusual.

Why can we deny and abandon someone’s emotion born and existing on this planet as what is never related to us though we are only born and existing there?

Assuming that you’ve never felt like ‘Die!’ and ‘Wanna kill’, but you can understand the fact that there’re such feelings on this world.

In any case, the interruption of the uncomprehending sometimes appears. I’ve seen it abandoned and killed someone’s heart many and many a time. I also haven’t been able to take someone’s hands because of my own uncomprehending and uselessness countless times.

I’ve gotten angry, cried and despaired each time. To begin with, I’ve believed that the existence of human beings have the sensibility and the capacity for thought, and we should and can acknowledge each other’s existence and dignity just because we cannot understand perfectly each other. So sometimes I wanted to give up treating all creatures bearing uncomprehending on the planet as human beings, and sometimes I wanted to give uplays music. There are sparkling and colorful life in the music, and I’m touching the beauty of them. Only at that time, I can try not to give up myself, others, human beings and this world, in short, I can try to live.

If you find a light to keep struggling in the music of HARU NEMURI when you’re drowning on the similar marsh of the edge of ‘living’. If you find a blessing only for yourself as when I was shivering with the beauty of life and I was wailing as I had done on the day I was born on.

I’m able to think that it’s good that I have lived thus far.

Every time encountering you in the music, life is sparkling and gushing out. This song exists here, hugging the glitter.


ri・ot /r???t/ noun

: a violent public disorder
specifically : a tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled together and acting with a common intent

: public violence, tumult, or disorder

: a random or disorderly profusion

: one that is wildly amusing



: profligate behavior

: unrestrained revelry

: noise, uproar, or disturbance made by revelers



I was a girl aged 14 in the beginning of 2010. I lived in a town which had some slopes and the sea with my parents, who were a little conservative, and my little sister, and I was a common girl who didn’t like sports and was good at studying. In those days, I was who was always passive. I didn’t know how to think something and I did not feel like I was alive.

A few years later, on the day Rock’n’Roll found me, my life had changed forever. I found myself alive and I got the way to think something. To this day, my world has continued to expand, and all of what were good or bad, and petty or great became elements that made me. I survived till today, being loved by many a people and arts, and meeting much malice as well.

In the beginning of 2020, I’m 24 years old and live in Tokyo, Japan. Unlike 10 years ago, I wear my favorite clothes, listen to my favorite music, sleep when I like, and meet the people I like when I like. I know the delight to express and I like myself a bit more than before.

Even if the times change, somebody is still hurt or dead somewhere today. What deprives life is just the banality of evil, that is, pure mindless of human beings. That is why I never give up to think something and I want to be who is active.

The world is always imperfect and the times are always incomplete. No one knows what the world will be like for the next 10 years. But that is why we can always make it with our hands. When we look at the world, love someone, and choose something, that is, when we ‘live’, I hope that this fanfare will ring through out and become a prayer for you.




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